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Our Single Memory Foam Mattress

We at Flo Mattress have made it our aim to provide all of our customers with the highest quality mattresses.


We use the best of what science and technology have to offer to ensure that you are able to get premium quality sleep every single night. With the help of our single memory foam mattresses, you can rest assured that you will be able to adopt a healthier sleeping pattern in almost no time. Apart from that, we also have a breathable mattress which takes care of not just your sleep but your skin too. So, get our single memory foam mattress for a better quality life and sleep!


Mattresses by type

Single Memory Foam Mattress Types


Our range of single ergo memory foam mattresses come in two practical variants of 6” and 8” inches thickness.


Both of these variants can be preferred by individuals who believe that the ideal quality sleep can only be achieved when you are lying on the softest bed in the entire world. This type of mattress can make you quickly fall asleep by cradling your body and responding to the pressure of it accordingly. On an actual scale, this type of mattress can be qualified as having somewhat of a medium softness. Another great feature of this mattress is that it is reversible which means you can use it from either side. However, our experts believe in putting all facts before you and have tried quantifying the level of softness of both sides of the mattress. According to experts, the base layer of the bed rates 8 out 10 in softness where one is as soft as cotton and the top layer rates 6 out of 10.

             We further provide you with a cover along with this type of mattress. Our mattress covers are of the highest quality and are extremely soft to touch. These covers have been made from a fabric which is a combination of cashmere and 3D spacer fabric. The reason behind using these fabrics in the combination is because of the simple fact that, cashmere pulls away the heat from your body and passes it on to the 3D space fabric which, in turn, throws it out of the mattress. This works almost like an internal cooling system and is bound to bring you a lot of comforts.

Five-Star Quality Rated
The Flo Mattress - Ergo
Starting From Rs. 9,989

Medium Soft


Our range of single ortho memory foam mattresses is designed for those who wish to have more back support at night while sleeping.


         Our single ortho memory foam mattresses have been designed while keeping individuals who suffer from back pain in mind. Our mattresses have a resilience top layer which is made up of foam and provides excellent back support. This mattress can also act as a very thoughtful gift for your friends and family members whom you know suffer from back pain or prefer more support during the night. This mattress does not bend to the pressure which is exerted by the body of an individual but, instead, is designed to provide optimum support to the body of the user. This does not mean that this mattress does not have a springy or bouncy quality to it. Both of these aspects have been kept in mind during the production of this mattress.

           The single ortho memory foam mattress has a top layer that measures 7 out of 10 in terms of softness where 1 is as soft as cotton and 10 is as hard as a concrete floor. And the base layer rates 8 out of 10. The mattress provides optimum support to the user by responding to the body weight which is being exerted on the mattress by the user. Apart from all these features, we provide you with a cover for this mattress. The cover is entirely made up of cashmere fabric and has been treated with the help of aloe vera gel. This keeps your skin youthful and fresh!

Five-Star Quality Rated
The Flo Mattress - Ortho
Starting From Rs. 9,989

Medium Firm

its very nice, so soft for sleep. earlier i use to get back pains, with this am feeling so comport.
Customer Avatar

Ramesh R.

The best thing about flo has been their trust in the mattress (the 100-day return policy) which convinced me to buy from them. The quality of the mattress is top-notch and I have had no discomfort sleeping. It feels comfortable both during hot and cold days which is surprisingly different from the other mattresses. I'd have loved it if they also made pillows :P. Overall, good value for money.
Customer Avatar

Bhagawat R.

I have been using Flo Mattress - Ergo Variant from past 90 days. Below are my comments about the overall usage. Without doubt it is definitely a great mattress. I loved using memory foam. It is soft and so comfortable to sleep on. The best part I like is that I can put my glass of coke directly on bed while watching a movie. :) :) - All thanks to zero partner disturbance.
Customer Avatar

Shivani S.

Highlights of our mattresses

Below mentioned are few features highlighted, which you can avail when you get mattresses from Flo Mattress.


100-Night Sleep Trial

We completely trust the quality of our products and the benefits that it can provide you. That is why we provide all our customers with a 100-night sleep trial with every single mattress. This entails that if you try our mattress for a period of 100 nights and are not satisfied with the quality of our product then we provide you with a 100% refund.100-Night Sleep Trial. We completely trust the quality of our products and the benefits that it can provide you. That is why we provide all our customers with a 100-night sleep trial with every single mattress. This entails that if you try our mattress for a period of 100 nights and are not satisfied with the quality of our product then we provide you with a 100% refund.


10-Year Warranty

Our mattresses do not come with a one or two year warranty period but instead have a whopping 10 year warranty period. This shows the kind of faith that we have in our products.


Mattress in a Box

Gone are the days when delivering a mattress used to be a hassle. We now use the latest technology to seal our mattresses within a box. You just roll away the mattress and start using it for the best quality sleep!


Hassle-Free Delivery

We at Flo Mattress understand that you would want your product to be delivered at the right time. That is why we provide free delivering services all across India within 7 to 14 days!


Memory Foam with Temperature Sensitive Technology

Our temperature-sensitive memory foam keeps you cool throughout the night and further improves your overall blood circulation levels. This ensures that you get good quality sleep at night without boosting your electricity bill.


Restful Sleep with No Partner Disturbance

Do you sleep with someone else who is a restless sleeper? Worry not! Because at Flo Mattress our products are designed in such a way that you sleep like a baby without any interference throughout the night!


3D Air Flow Fabric Technology

To ensure that the mattress stays fresh and ventilated we have used 3D airflow spacer fabric within it. This ensures that the air keeps flowing through the mattress throughout the night!


Easy Zipper Removable Covers

If you like cleanliness and would prefer that your mattress remains in good condition then we suggest that you clean it every now and then. It is easier to do that as you can quickly remove the covers with the help of a zipper!


Health Benefits

Keeps You Cool

Our mattresses are designed to provide you with support as well as proper ventilation. By using white gel micro-capsules all the heat is released from the mattress to the outside environment. This keeps your entire body cool throughout the night!

Great for Your Skin

The covers of our mattress are made up of the best quality fabric which has been treated with aloe vera gel. This ensures that your skin continues to look hydrated, fresh, and youthful. Our mattresses are so incredibly soft that you might even be tempted to not use a bed sheet at all!

Sound Sleep for Health

According to various health professionals, it is vital for an individual to sleep for a minimum of 8 hours a day. This keeps all your cognitive facilities working at the optimum level. Our mattresses make it possible for you to achieve that quality and level of sleep.

Fall Asleep Faster

Sometimes it can be a struggle to fall asleep at the right time or as soon as you hit the bed. But this is not true when it comes to our mattresses. Our mattresses provide your body with the support it needs to put you to sleep as soon as possible!

Unparalleled Spine Support

The base of our mattresses is made from our proprietary responsive foam. This allows our mattresses to provide accurate support to the body of all our users. This means the more pressure you exert on the mattress the better support it provides to your body!

Buying & Delivery Process

There are three main facts about the products at Flo Mattress which customers get to experience when they get our products. Those three main facts about our buying and delivering process are:

  • More Saving by Lowering Costs

    Buying a mattress is a time-consuming decision. This is simply because of the fact that you would have to search

    a lot before you arrive at your final decision and even that does not guarantee anything. This is why we have made it incredibly easy for our customers to search find their perfect mattress. We also separate ourselves from the traditional methods by cutting the retailers and lowering the costs for our customers.

  • Changing the Face of Mattress Supply Chain

    We have re-engineered the supply chain by cutting the middlemen completely.

    This allows us to make the same profits while providing higher discounts for our customers!

  • Keeping the Price Fair for all Parties

    By getting rid of the overpriced methods we have enabled our customers to get

    higher services at a much lower price!

Single Memory Foam Mattress in a Box

Another best thing you would love at Flo Mattress is its packing way. Our Mattress is delivered to you in a  box which makes it easy to handle.


Purchase Your Dream Mattress Online

We at Flo Mattress believe in providing you with the best possible deals and we do that by cutting out the middleman completely. This allows us to give you the best costs for the comforts of your home!


Quick and Easy Delivery at Your Doorstep

We use the vacuum technology to pack our mattresses within a box. This means that you get your mattresses delivered to you quickly, easily, and without any kind of defect.


Hassle-Free Setup

To start your journey of the best quality sleep you would have to simply tear open the plastic of the mattress, roll it on the bed, and lie down on it to quickly fall asleep.


Enjoy the Comforts of Your Bed

We at Flo Mattress have a range of mattresses that are designed to enhance your comfort in all possible scenarios. From breathability to back support, we take care of it all!

Flo Mattress vs. Traditional Mattress

Our single memory foam mattresses excel in quality from other traditional mattresses in many ways. Some of the reasons why our single foam mattresses are different from traditional mattresses are:

Allows You to Stay Cool

Our mattresses are made up with a top layer which is bound to keep you cool throughout the night! The top layer has a premium gel layer within it which makes it possible!

Bouncing Back

With our mattresses, you do not feel as if you are on a trampoline. Our mattresses are soft and bend to the shape of your body but at the same time, they also provide you with appropriate support which keeps you from feeling sick.

Provides that Extra Support

Our mattresses provide constant support for proper back alignment throughout the night for you!

That Support for Your Back

Apart from providing the correct amount of support, we also ensure to use the highest quality products which are not toxic and provide you with an armor of support!


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Get Flo Mattress for perfect sleep

               We at Flo Mattress provide all our customers with a wide range of mattresses which are suitable for their every single need. It does not matter whether you want your mattress to be as soft as a feather or if you want your mattress to be firm, we provide it all to our customers at an extremely affordable rate! Flo Mattress understands that it is important for an individual to stay fresh and energetic throughout the day. That is only possible if you have a good night’s sleep. And sadly, that is not easy to achieve every single night. But our experts at Flo Mattress have found the key to perfect and restful sleeping for all our customers and we use that in developing the best range of mattresses.

How to choose the best option for you

               We at Flo Mattress understand that it is not easy to choose that perfect mattress which is bound to match all your sleeping needs. And that is why we have decided to provide you with a few steps which you can follow to choose the right mattress for you. Those steps which you should follow are mentioned below.

1.    Decide Where to Shop

Traditionally the only option for buying a mattress was to go to a retailer, look at a couple of options, and select the one which you think suits you the best out of all those options. However, the world has changed considerably since then and now more options are available to you at your fingertips than ever before. Many individuals also lead a very busy life which does not leave enough time for them to physically go to the shops and look at some of the options. This is why the online method is considered the best option these days. When it comes to the online method, then you do not have to go anywhere and you can shop from the comforts of your own home. Further, you do not have to deal with any retailer or salesman which is a big plus. Not to mention that you get far more options than you would in a real store!

2.    Keep the Decided Information in Mind

When it comes to buying a mattress, then you would obviously have some of the information predefined. This basically means that chances are that you would already have a bed or a home where you intend to use the mattress. This provides you with a rough idea regarding the shape and the size of the mattress which you would be looking for. At Flo Mattress, we provide our customers with a wide range of sizes when it comes to mattresses. Our mattresses further come in variants of 6” and 8” inches thickness. Hence, these are the things which you wouldn’t have to waste time contemplating. On the Flo Mattress website, you can simply use the filter option to select these options according to your requirements and then narrowing down to the mattress which is best suited to your needs.

3.    Choose the Type of Support which You Need

When you have decided regarding the shape, size, and color of your mattress then the next thing which is left for you is to go deeper. You need to ask yourself if you suffer from any back pain or if you would prefer to have a softer or more firm mattress. All of these things eventually lead you in making a more informed and prepared decision. These days you actually have mattresses with air ventilation feature and 0 partner disturbance. You can also have a look at such features and decide which one is the most relevant to your requirements. Flo Mattress has anything and everything which can suit the mattress needs and requirements of all our customers. Whether you are looking for that extra soft bed or some orthopedic support, we provide it all to our customers.

4.    Decide How Much You Can Spend

Another important factor when it comes to mattress shopping is how much you can afford to spend on a mattress. It goes without saying that you would want to have a comfortable mattress but you wouldn’t want to stretch your budget too much for that. And that is why Flo Mattress provides all the customers with our products at an incredibly fair price. We have cut the middleman and other retailing costs which allow us to provide further discounts and benefits. This goes completely against the overpricing methods in which companies use to charge extremely high rates from their customers while trying to cover all of those costs and make profits from their customers.

We at Flo Mattress do not believe that it is fair and that is why we only charge fair prices from our customers. We have cut down on retail costs like electricity, showroom, extra appliances, and other costs to provide extra benefits to our customers. This goes to show the kind of dedication which we all feel towards providing all our customers with our high-quality products and services. We are always trying our best to ensure that our customers have the best sleeping experiences!

With both variants, we promise

100-night sleep trial

Try us out for 100 nights. If you're not feeling it, we guarantee you will get your money back - a full refund.

Mattress in a box

Vacuum packed and sealed in a box. Just tear the plastic and roll onto your bed, and watch the magic unfold.

10-year warranty

We're confident in our quality, so you can sleep easy knowing we cover manufacturing and workmanship defects.

Hassle-free delivery

Free delivery across India within 14 - 21 days - guaranteed.