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Our Luxury Mattress

You’re constantly thinking and obsessing about hundreds of things throughout the day. Whether it’s your job or your children and their education,


there’s already millions of things to think about and this should never lead to you not prioritizing good sleep on a proper mattress that understands your basic needs. Here at Flo Mattress, we provide the best luxury mattresses for you to comfortably lie on, regardless of your individual bodily needs. Use our mattresses once and you’ll never want to go back to or look for any new substitutes ever again!


Mattresses by type

Our luxury mattresses come in two types -


This medium soft variant is mostly meant for folks that spend long hours at their desks and workplaces,


for couples that want a comfortable sleep over anything else and for parents that want to ensure a good night’s sleep for their little ones. It can be availed in 6” and 8” thickness and is the most commonly used one.

As this mattress is reversible, one can either sleep on the top layer or on the bottom one, which can be termed to be either 6/10 or 8/10 on the softness scale respectively. The top layer is made of gel infused memory foam that also responds to any changes in the temperature. This means that not only does this mattress adjust according to changes in the body temperature but it also does so according to changes in the pressure being exerted onto certain parts of it – the foam compresses more under heavier sections of your body (hips and shoulders) than it does under the lighter sections (head, neck and legs). This allows the mattress to perfectly cradle your body and makes you feel as if you’re floating on a cloud. The base layer is made with proprietary Flo Responsive foam which has good pressure relief and helps improve blood circulation.

The mattress also comes with a soft, high quality cover that’s made with cashmere and 3D spacer fabrics – this is what truly helps with the temperature sensitivity of the mattresses. The cashmere absorbs the heat away from your body and pushes it towards the 3D spacer fabrics, which then disperses it away. This helps your body stay cool, whether you have the AC on or not.

Five-Star Quality Rated
The Flo Mattress - Ergo
Starting From Rs. 9,989

Medium Soft


Just like the ergo mattress, this variant too is available in 6” and 8” thickness. This mattress is


particularly suitable for elderly folks over 60 or those with back issues that demand a harder back support. It is an ideal gift for ageing parents and it’s feel can be defined as medium-firm.

The mattress is reversible, which means that it can be used on either the top or bottom side, which can be rated as 7/10 or 8/10 on the softness scale respectively. The top layer is made with highly resilient foam specifically made to help provide back support, especially for those with special orthopedic problems, and to give the mattress its bounce and lightness. The bottom layer of the mattress is designed with our proprietary Flo Responsive™ foam and this is what ensures that the body doesn’t completely sink in. It reacts perfectly to the amount of pressure exerted on top – the more the pressure applied, the better the mattress supports you.

The mattress also comes equipped with a soft quality cover that’s made of cashmere and treated with Aloe Vera gel. This helps keep your skin comfortable as you sleep and helps with softness and anti-ageing. 

It is specifically made for those that want harder orthopedic support, and at the same time crave a light springiness and bounciness to the mattress.

Five-Star Quality Rated
The Flo Mattress - Ortho
Starting From Rs. 9,989

Medium Firm

The mattresses are really good and they arrived on time. It was so soft and comfortable where we can feel the Aloe Vera Gel Infusion to its cover. Thank you, Flo, for this wonderful product.
Customer Avatar

Ashok Y.

The perfect mattress! The only downside is once you start sleeping on it, you won't be able to fall asleep on any other mattresses. I wish Flo also offer Pillows.
Customer Avatar

Balkar S.

Nice mattress.
Customer Avatar

Ravindranatha Reddy P.

Highlights of our mattresses

Our luxury mattresses offer some really special features, such as -


100-night sleep trial

Try our mattresses for a mere 100 nights and we promise you wouldn’t want to shift back to your old providers. Those are all the days you need to be sure about our product.


10-year warranty

We ensure to fix any manufacturing or workmanship defects that might arise within the period of 10 years, our confidence in our product tells us that there certainly won’t be many.


Mattress in a box

The product is delivered to you perfectly and won’t require much efforts while being set-up, all that you need to do is place it on your bed frame and watch it unfurl.


Hassle-free delivery

We promise free delivery across all states in India within 7 – 14 days that won’t require you to do anything.


Memory foam that reacts to changes in temperature

Our mattresses not only react to changes in the pressure exerted by the body sleeping on it but also to the body temperature of the same.


Balanced stability

Regardless of the changes in the body position of the person sleeping next to you, the mattress will retain its shape for the most part thus helping you have a deep sleep.


Airy fabric

The 3D spacer fabric that covers the mattress ensures that it has a lot of space that allows it to let go of any heat that the body radiates.


Easily adjustable cover

The cover that stays on top of the mattress can be easily changed to wash and remove any stains or for any other reason by its user.


Health Benefits

Our luxury mattresses offer a wide range of health benefits, such as -

Keeps you cool

Our foam is infused with micro-gel fibres that absorb all the body’s heat away and passes it on to the 3D spacer fabric that then helps the heat to get diffused away. This way, your body feels cool and comfortable even when the air conditioner is switched off.

Great for your skin

Our cover is treated with Aloe Vera gel and is made with cashmere – it’s so soft that very often customers are tempted to go ahead and use the mattress without any cover altogether.

Sound sleep for health

This mattress will help you get a proper eight hours of rest every night regardless of any external disturbances. Once you fall on these mattresses with the want of getting some rest, leave the rest to us. We’ve got your back.

Fall asleep faster

Fall asleep quickly on these mattresses and wake up leisurely without any soreness anywhere. On our mattresses, every position is a comfortable one!

Unparalleled spine support

The Flo Responsive foam that forms the base of our mattress is designed in such a way to provide with an equal and opposite reaction whenever you exert any pressure onto it – the heavier the body part that lies on a section, the more the force applied upwards by the mattress.

Buying & Delivery Process

Our buying and delivery process is streamlined in a way to provide our customers maximum benefits

  • High savings

    As we only sell this one product manufactured by us online, we ensure strong quality control and have a lot of belief in our products.

    We save a lot of money on rent, electricity costs etc that retailers with physical setups and middle men incur. We then pass on these reduced costs to you, in the form of low prices.

  • Changed supply chain

    Thanks to our newly developed supply chain, we remove the need for middle men as we manufacture and sell our

    own products directly to the customers. This helps us transfer to you over 50% in savings and be more receptive and personal to our customers’ needs.

  • Attractive prices

    We know how to provide you with low prices thanks to our efficient production strategies and smart supply chains.

    So not only do you have a lot of products to choose from, but also do so at low prices.

Luxury Mattress in a box

Our luxury mattresses come in a box, which makes it very convenient for our customers to roll out and get started with our mattresses -


E-commerce is your best friend

As we sell our products through online portals and get rid of any requirements of middle men, we can offer low prices and a large range of options to choose from.


Doorstep delivery

Our highly advanced technological facilities allow us to compactly pack the mattress and get it right to your doorstep so you have to put zero effort to assist delivery.


Convenience in opening

We keep our customer’s convenience as the first priority while packaging our products so that all you as a user have to do is place it on your bed frame and unwrap it.


Unwind for bed

Our perfect product manufacturing knowledge helps us make the mattress that will suit our customers best – our three layer foam design helps our mattresses tend for all your bodily aches well.

Flo Luxury Mattress vs. Traditional Luxury Mattress

Luxury mattresses from Flo Mattress are unlike traditional mattresses in the following ways -

Remains cool

The 3D spacer fabric and the cashmere that together form the cover of the mattress help it to stay cool no matter what how much body heat radiates off you. This will help you have a good temperature regardless of whether you have the air conditioner on or not.

Springy support

With the help of the perfectly balanced springs and materials inside our mattress, you’ll never feel suffocated as you sink inside the mattress. According to the amount of pressure that’s being exerted onto the mattress by you, it will push back.

Orthopedic support

We’ve got your back as we provide the best mixture of soft and firm foam with a springy surprise just to perfectly cater to all your niche interests.


Our mattress are caring in more ways than one as we provide you with materials that help keep your skin young, lively and also have anti-ageing properties. All of this is to say that we care about you just as you do about yourself.


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Purchase luxury mattresses as per your needs

Buying luxury mattresses from Flo Mattress will help get you the exact mental state that you want to be in, that which is associated with comfort and well-being of the body and soul. We provide the widest range of choices with the most attractive prices for you to choose from so that you can take the product that suits you best. With our mattresses, you can get a good night’s sleep and then wake up feeling powerful and well rejuvenated and carry on with the day with a fresh new mindset. Nights are meant for the body and mind to power up nicely, if you go to bed feeling tired and wake up feeling the same way, something’s not right. We offer mattresses at many different sizes like king size, queen size, single mattress, double mattress and the likes.

How to choose the right mattress for you

There are many ways by which we segregate our mattresses and by which you can choose the one for you. They are as follows-

  1. Different Sizes: They can be divided into King size, Queen size, Single bed and Double bed mattresses. 
  1. King size: These mattresses fit best on a king – sized bed frame and can comfortably accommodate up to 4 people at one go, unless you want to sleep on it all on your own – hey we don’t judge! It has enough space to comfortably accommodate two people with enough space for both.
  2. Queen size: These mattresses are our most commonly bought ones and can comfortably accommodate two people, or just one if you’re someone who keeps tossing and turning and takes up a lot of space without being able to sleep in one single position.
  3. Single Bed: These mattresses are perfect for bachelors or for kids to sleep comfortably without taking up too much space. These can also be placed on divans and improve the aesthetic value of your rooms, making everything look more valuable.
  1. Different Thicknesses: We have mattresses available in both 6” and 8”. You can choose either of these depending upon whatever suits you best.
  2. Others: Other factors by which our mattresses can be divided are prices, colour patterns, dimension and different foams.

The various types of foams that are offered by us are : 

  1. Natural Cotton Fibre Bed Mattresses: These are softer and sturdier as the nature fibre used to craft these are reusable and environment friendly. These mattresses perfectly cradle the body that sleeps on them thanks to the materials we use to make them. They come in different thicknesses and multiple different quilt covers.
  2. Spring or pocket coil bed mattresses: These mattresses are made with different organized positioning of the foam and the spring which helps it to be soft and springy in the best possible way. Sitting on this feels comfortable, but you still remain supported.
  3. Soft Foam Bed Mattresses: These are the softest mattresses due to the unique properties of the materials used to make it. They are very firm but are also the fluffiest and most comfortable mattresses to lie on – almost feels like sleeping on a cloud!
  4. Coir Bed Mattresses: These mattresses boast of durability and firmness. The foam and coir combination helps these mattresses be soft and strong simultaneously which in turn makes for one of the best mattresses.
  5. Soft memory foam single bed mattresses: This product is the single most technologically advanced mattress made to perfectly suit the body that lies on top of it by exerting the same amount of pressure back on the same and remembering the shape of the body that lies on it to provide for a very pleasant experience.

As we’ve now equipped you with all this knowledge about our mattresses and about all of them in general, you now have the power to go out into the world and take what you truly deserve, in the form of a good night’s sleep and the power to take on the world every morning as you wake up from peaceful slumber. With the correct luxury mattress and Flo Mattress’ proprietary Responsive Memory foam, peaceful sleep every night is a guarantee!

With both variants, we promise

100-night sleep trial

Try us out for 100 nights. If you're not feeling it, we guarantee you will get your money back - a full refund.

Mattress in a box

Vacuum packed and sealed in a box. Just tear the plastic and roll onto your bed, and watch the magic unfold.

10-year warranty

We're confident in our quality, so you can sleep easy knowing we cover manufacturing and workmanship defects.

Hassle-free delivery

Free delivery across India within 14 - 21 days - guaranteed.