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Is it a good idea to Snooze your Morning Alarm?

Sleep experts have been discussing the pros and cons of the snooze function in alarms, which allows you a snatch few more minutes of precious morning sleep. Believe it or not, they found two major repercussions that the snooze function has on our health. Read on to know about these repercussions

10 Simple Hacks to Fall Asleep Faster

The blog draws up 10 simple hacks to help you sleep faster.

Which category do you belong to? If you fall in either first or second category, this blog is for you!


Research Suggests even 16 Minute Sleep Deficit Can Affect your Work Performance

A study published in the Journal of sleep health in the recent past has taken the internet by storm. In this study, 130 employees working in Information Technology and a child were deprived of just 16 minutes of sleep. The result was a direct effect on their levels of cognition the next day. This snowballed into increased stress and a hampered sleep cycle as well.